Scotland’s First Independent Cocktail Infused Cake Shop

In a world obsessed with all things sweet, we decided to put a little twist on our cakes to shake up the dull monotony of plain old cake.

All of our cakes are bursting with flavour and you would be mad as a hatter to miss out!

We’ve started with the classics:

  • Follow the White Rabbit
    (Irish Cream, Coffee Liqueur & milk)
  • Golden Afternoon
    (Vanilla Vodka, Funkin’ Cocktails Passionfruit Puree, Funkin’ Cocktails Vanilla Syrup & Lemon Juice )
  • Through the Looking Glass
    (NB Gin, Bon Accord Tonic & a splash of blackcurrant)
  • Off with her Head!
    (Golden Rum, Funkin’ Cocktails Mango Puree, Lime Juice, Funkin’ Cocktails Passionfruit Syrup & Orange Juice)
  • Cheshire Cat
    (NB Vodka, triple sec & cranberry juice)
  • All Mad Here
    (Licor 43 & ginger beer
  • Hatter’s Tea Party
    (NB Vodka, rum, Cointreau & cola)
  • Or invent your own flavour!

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